Sean Cody: Sawyer

“I’d say it’s pretty big,” Sawyer said with a slight, but coy, southern drawl. “I’ve been told… actually, everybody that’s ever seen it says it’s pretty big!” … “Well,” Sean Cody thought to himself, “this should be interesting!” … Sawyer is a small guy, and it’s been Sean’s experience that it’s always the small, lean guys that have the whoppers! … “Can we see?” asked Sean. “Sure,” he said with a smile. He dropped his shorts and there it was … hanging a good five or six inches soft! … “Wow! How much bigger than that does it get?” asked Sean eagerly. “A few inches.” … “Have you ever measured it?” … “Yeah.” … “What’s your measurement?” … “It’s 8 1/2 to 9 inches.”

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