Sean Cody: Brice

“Now you’re more of a top. Do you still top mostly or do you bottom too?” asked Sean Cody. “Actually that is a complete lie,” Brice admitted. “What do you mean?” said Sean … “I am more of a complete bottom. Yeah.” Brice just turned 19 and he knows what he wants! “Once I turned 18 …” he said. “It was like two weeks after I turned 18 … I got fucked for the first time and since then it’s been like …” … “You saw the light.” … “Every guy I’ve dated since then has been a top!” … “What do you like in a guy?” … “I like them tall…” he said. “They have to have abs, they have to be really muscular, but not too muscular.” … and “Yes, the bigger the better”!

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