Island Studs: Shawn

Standing 6ft 3in tall Shawn was the tallest guy on his High School swim team and also the guy with the biggest cock in the locker room in rural Missouri. “It was in the shower room that I learned I had a big dick,” Shawn states when he tells Island Studs on the video about the first time he discovered he had a monster cock! “After that all my friends called me King Kong Dong!” Now a Junior in college in Hawaii, sexy Shawn is studying Marine Biology, loves the brown Island girls, and is often mistaken for a young Nicholas Cage! The cameraman put Shawn to work pulling weeds in the garden fully naked in the hot Hawaiian sun so we get to see Shawn’s tall tan body from every angle was he works and walks around outside unaware of the camera. His low hanging nut sack slaps his white thighs as he moves! Hot stuff!

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