English Lads: Tim Riley

Tim is a tall young man from north-west England with bright blue eyes, a cheeky smile and, as he looses his clothes, an ability to make your jaw drop open! English Lads shoot many lads with great bodies, and Tim certainly scores well on that front, right down to his boxers, where you are allured by a bulge … is it a small sticky out one or something more? Well there is something more, and then something more again! Members will get to see that Tim is blessed with a long soft one that looks as thick as his wrist … then he plays a little and it grows … he plays a little more and it grows some more … this is one hell of a tool!  Tim is over 8 inches long and its nearly 7 inches round! That is one solid thick piece of meat that when aroused sticks straight up with that rocket like quality!

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