English Lads: Caspar Hamilton

Casper first did a shoot with English Lads a year or so ago and now at 19 he is back to show just how much he loves to show off his body! Casper is most comfortable when he has nothing on and has one of those uncut cocks that reacts instantly to any touch and Site Members get to see that the second it’s in his hand his cock rears up and is erect in seconds! Casper has a big uncut cock, just less than 8 inches long and over 6 inches round and it is both long and chunky! When erect Casper is real rock solid, he one of those rocket cocks that sticks straight up and is as hard as metal. He loves showing off his arsehole and nearly manages to stretch his cock down between his legs so far that he almost gets it up his own hole … yep, the tip does gets in!

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