Southern Strokes: Trevor

What do 18 year old small town country guys do when they have fucked all the local lads? They go on to social media and find themselves a trick and fuck like rabbits. Trevor is the face of what gay looks like in a small Southern town. He reached out to Southern Strokes the day he turned 18 and they immediately arranged to have him come over to do this shoot. Trevor walked in and took off his shirt and gave the camera crew a very pleasant surprise when they saw his very nicely defined chest and abs. He is naturally smooth except for a little hair in the crack of his arsehole, the area surrounding his ball sack and his lower legs. Trevor posed on the chair giving us full views of all of him and from every angle … a nice cut cock and very attractive set of balls … check him out!

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English Lads: Anton Michel

Anton did a shoot for the English Lads sister website, Fit Young Men, and seemed really confident, though at the time he wasn’t sure about going as far as a “happy ending!” So he builds himself up to it today in this shoot. He has one of those nicely balanced bodies, nice definition, nice muscle size and a nice piece of uncut equipment that looks great sticking up at the skies. His body is pretty hair free, has a nice pubic bush and some light fizz around his hole …

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Bentley Race: Anthony Blaize

Bentley Race met Anthony Blaize in California last year and they hit it off right away. Anthony is one of Ben’s straight mates and tells him about some of the seriously hot girls he gets with. Anthony has this heavily tattooed body and cock which only adds to how beautiful he is. Many of the tattoos on his body were actually done by himself. He is a highly talented tattoo artist in San Francisco and often works on himself … amazing hey!

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