ChaosMen: Raymond

Raymond is one hot daddy! He had allowed all his body hair to grow back for this ChaosMen shoot, as he normally keeps it pretty-well trimmed back. He has a couple scars on his chest and forehead that he got in a car accident when he was younger, so if you were wondering, that’s what they are from. He’s straight and has been with the same girl for a while, who is normally the “bread-winner”. He is a very sexual guy, so he thought he would do some adult work to add to his contribution to the relationship … and here he is, in all his hairy, naked glory!

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ChaosMen: Rich

Rich is super friendly and while staying in Austin for this ChaosMen shoot, he was really surprised by how friendly everyone one was. His attitude really fit in, and after leaving sub-zero temps in his native Minnesota, he was really impressed with not only Southern weather, but southern attitude. Rich spends his free time naturally body-building, and is currently in a bulking phase for a show. He grew his pubes out for a bit for this shoot, and you’ll love his natural body hair.

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UK Naked Men: Sam Wallis

Welcome to the UK Naked Men photo shoot of a very hot and masculine man … Mr Sam Wallis. This guy is not only handsome, but he’s also hung, with a large, rock-hard, uncut veiny cock and the owner of a tight, deliciously moist man-hole! This is his debut porn shoot, and the camera crew found him to be as cute and polite as he is smoldering and charming … sit back and check out this very English, very sexy gent.

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