ChaosMen: Lincoln

Low Hanger Alert! Just check out the sexy Lincoln over at ChaosMen recently. He’s a happy and gregarious type … not at all shy in person or on camera … and just check out his sexy smile … gorgeous! He had his pictures taken by a photographer who helped him get hard, so he figured he could likely do a solo and maybe even more! And now about those balls! Low hangers seem to be fairly rare, and boy does have some clackers on him! His cock is cut and about 7 inches long, but since his balls hang so low, you really see all of his boner from the front. He looks more like an 8 inch dude. He swings his balls around, and plays with them like he is rolling some dice!

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Gay Hoopla: Brad Bison

Brad Bison is the newest model over at Gay Hoopla. This 20yo All-American Jock is 6 feet tall, weighs 190lbs and has a 29 inch waist and loves to work out. He’s also blessed with a massive pair of thighs, and nestled between them are a nice cut cock and set of big man-sized balls! But wait, there’s more … when he turns around just check out that bubble butt … wow!

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Next Door Male: Hugh Jazz

Hugh Jazz is a country boy with a reckless streak running through him, but today the Next Door Male camera team managed to keep him out of trouble for at least one afternoon. A good ol’ boy originally from West Virginia, this rabble-rouser likes to go fast and get dirty, and he’s not stopping until the job is done. The camera crew catch up to him at the end of his day after moving some hay, and as he relaxes and kicks back with a cool one, he unzips his pants and lets his cock peek out from the side of his underwear, the head swelling up as the shaft hardens. He takes it out and stands it up, wagging it around before standing up, pushing it through his legs as he bends over … cheeky lad!

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