ChaosMen: Jon

Jon is gay, blond and has that twinky vibe about him and a very sexy smile, but he seems like mature guy. At 23, he seems like he has his life together, but is always looking to make a little extra money and has been debating giving porn a try. Jon loves his pubes and ChaosMen reckoned it was awesome getting someone in who was not obsessed with shaving their manhood off. Nestled in those natural pubes is a thick 7 inches of prime cut meat.

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ChaosMen: Colt McGraw

Colt has done video work before, and he is looking very Ashton Kutcher-ish right now in these images from ChaosMen, and you’ll just love those full and natural pubes! He apparently used to do a lot of camming, but the burn out rate on that is fast … jerking-off for hours and hours can turn something enjoyable into tedious work! He’s got a smooth torso, a cute face, with some hair on his chin and upper lip, and a very attractive and nice-sized cut cock!

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Gay Hoopla: Tyler Hanson

This is Tyler Hanson’s solo video debut over at Gay Hoopla. Tyler has a dominant personality, but he loves to please. The film crew had a different shoot with Tyler … Daniel Carter was in the room, guiding Tyler to victory. Daniel had him stroking his cock as he watched along and enjoyed the sight. These two are best friends in real life so it was nothing new to be naked in front of each other … but it was their first time seeing the other with a hard cock and jerking it! Overall, a pretty fun and interesting video!

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Next Door Male: James Roxxbury

James Roxxbury is a mighty young hottie, with some sweet baby blues! Fresh from New Jersey … young, willing and able, James doesn’t waste much time getting down to business for the Next Door Male camera team, stripping out of his workout clothes and reclining back on a recliner. He pulls his soccer shorts off his legs, perching up onto the recliner and spreading his cheeks as he bends over, fingering his hole delicately before flipping back over and working his rock hard cut cock.

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