Sean Cody: Coen

When Coen showed up at the Sean Cody studios, right away they knew they had a winner … from his amazing smile to a killer body, Coen looks just about perfect. “I get complements on my smile all the time, that and my laugh!” He said as he started laughing. The crew and Coen started out the day down at the beach and it wasn’t long before he popped a boner … seems this young lad is always horny. “I dunno man, it’s something about being this sexually charged up, even the slightest breeze is making me hard!”

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Bentley Race: Sarpa Van Rider

When Ben’s hot mate Sarpa came back for a new shoot at Bentley Race he wanted to do something different with him in the local streets. This BTS video follows Sarpa and Ban around some of the lanes of Melbourne and up into a hotel as Ben grabs some test shots with the new camera. Later they returned to the warm studio where Sarpa could get all of his gear off. The photos from out in the street look pretty good. But wait until his see Sarpa posing in those little shorts and jockstrap …

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