Southern Strokes: Kenyon

Kenyon showed up at the Southern Strokes Ranch one day as a guest of one of their other models. Kenyon was hanging out for a bit with some of the guys at the Ranch and the next thing the cameramen knew, Haigan was making a little deal with Kenyon that involved Kenyon getting his head shaved and getting naked for the cameras. So here’s Kenyon, as he takes off his shirt revealing just a few of the 13 tats that cover his lean white body. He has very soft and fair lily white skin which just seem to accentuate the tats that much more. Kenyon loves being naked so it didn’t take long for him to strip down as he was showing off his body art. Kenyon has a nice straight 7 inch cut cock that is very suckable.

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Southern Strokes: Dixon

22yo Dixon had to make the drive up to see Southern Strokes after working on his family farm all day, and he snuck off after work so that no one would know that he was going to go and pursue his secret fantasy … of doing a porn video. Just like every properly raised southern stud, he showed up exactly on time and ready to do what the camera crew wanted him to. They decided to put Dixon in the tub so he got in the water in his skivvies and then pulled out his semi-hard cut country cock. He loved the feel of the suds against his nuts and shaft so he started stroking … then Dixon took a little break to give the camera a good look at his arse before he turned over and brought matters to a horny conclusion!

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Southern Strokes: Luke

Luke was real horny even before this nude photo shoot started with Southern Strokes. He stood up and pulled off his pants and his shirt but he left on his underwear and tie as he started to stroke his rock hard cock. Luke has a nicely defined hairy chest with big brown nipples and a trail that leads you to his hairy crotch. Once Luke lost the underwear we got to see him tugging hard on his sizable cut cock. You will be amazed as you get to watch Luke’s tool fill with blood and get longer and thicker with every stroke … which he works with both hands!

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Southern Strokes: Ricky Wayne

Ricky Wayne is 27 years old and works on a farm in Kentucky. He says “I’m a true bisexual” … and although he swings from both side of the plate, his first bat was with another guy! Once the Southern Strokes cameras started rolling Ricky got naked pretty quick and started slowly massaging his soft cut cock. He settled in and kicked back on the chair with his legs open wide and tweaking his big hairy nipples ever so lightly. This caused his surprisingly big cock to get nice and hard!

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