Sean Cody: Eric

Sean Cody could tell that Eric had a little bit of a wild streak in him. They started his shoot outdoors at the beach … and he had been like a kid in a candy store, running all over the sand, doing cartwheels in the waves, wearing loose running shorts that let his cock and balls flop out. He is quite the gymnast too … plus he’s an avid gamer, and quite competitive. He also likes graffiti … and painting. Check out his slim, fit body … he’d make quite the artist’s nude life model, hey!

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Sean Cody: Tate

Tate looks younger than he actually is. Sean Cody at first didn’t believe he is 21 until he took off his shirt and saw a hairy chest and six pack. “You’ve got some hair on you!” Sean commented. “Sure do! I think it makes me look more manly,” he laughed. He pointed to his crotch and said, “It gets furry down there. Sometimes I shave my balls, sometimes I let it grow free.” He has great balls! When he takes off his shorts you’ll notice his fuzzy nuts right away!

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Sean Cody: Deron

Deron and Sean Cody were down at the beach doing some photos and Sean was clearly impressed by Deron’s body … “You look like you would be a great swimmer with all those back muscles,” Sean commented. “Yeah, I was a lifeguard when I was younger,” he replied. One thing was for sure, though … Deron loved to show off his body for the camera! “I work hard for this!” he said. “I’m aspiring to be a bodybuilder, to show off this wide back!” “I keep getting myself in awkward situations,” he said. “My friend recorded a video of me running around wearing a posing bikini. I got so much shit for it!” … “How did you fit your junk into a bikini?” Sean asked quizzically … “It wasn’t easy!” he said.

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