Menatplay: Sean Lawrence Needs You

Ever since Sean Lawrence first appeared on Menatplay in January everybody has been asking ‘when is he coming back’? Well – HE’S BACK! And now you can wake up with this Hungarian blonde hunk and follow his bulky masculine body through every inch of his morning routine. See him lather up those big hairy pecs in the shower, dress in his sexy pimped up suit and then release his juices before his day begins. Can you imagine waking up with this man every day and having your morning jerk off together!

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Menatplay: David Jones

David Jones is one of the member favourites at Menatplay, He’s straight and ever so good-looking, with a very sexy and masculine look about him … muscled torso, hairy legs, 3-day facial growth and a hard uncut cock that all serve to make him a most attractive man.  He’s here today in a “James Bond” fantasy shoot … he’s dressed to kill … or is he getting undressed to cum?

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Menatplay: Introducing Davey

A New Year brings in a new straight stud to Menatplay. They auditioned Davey some time back and have now got him back in to give him the Menatplay makeover … he certainly has the brooding masculine looks that they so love to take advantage of ! In jeans and jacket, underwear, a smart tux, or completely naked, the cameras capture it all. Watch as Davey plays with his large uncut cock and shows off his naturally athletic and muscular body.

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