English Lads: Scott Matthews

Scott is a young straight man the English Lads cameraman met when he came round to his house to do some electrical work; and before he knew it he was naked in front of the camera! It was a nice hot day, so he strips down to his boxers on the roof and shows off his perfectly toned body. He is quite hairy on his legs and a sprinkling on his body and site members get to see that he has one of those nice lively cocks, that comes out a bit semi and soon stands up like a nice rocket. He’s not shy either, and shows off his very shapely butt cheeks and then bends over and shows off his lightly fuzzed hole.

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English Lads: Charlie Jackson

Charlie is a young footballer who did a shoot for the English Lads sister website, Fit Young Men, and enjoyed his first every nude photo shoot so much he decided to agree to push his boundaries even further today! So we get to enjoy this confident straight young man taking off his clothes, flop out a rather over sized uncut cock, pull a little on his rather nice foreskin and watch it as it starts to grow! Site Members will see that Charlie is blessed with a very large cock when it’s soft, which becomes an even more impressive uncut piece of man-meat when hard!

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English Lads: Brad King

Bradley had been chatting to English Lads for a while about modelling and he kept saying that he was excited about doing it, but a little nervous as he thought he wouldn’t be able to get hard! Well the least of Brad’s issues was getting hard! He plays quite a bit of football with his mates and the usual frequent gym visitor. His body is pretty firm, lean and nicely toned and his cock hangs long when soft and rock hard once aroused! He wanks so much he has one of those bruises on his foreskin!