ChaosMen: Truman

Truman came to this shoot with ChaosMen totally ready to show-off! A natural exhibitionist, he had thought he might be able to do porn. Unlike other guys, he has a few gay friends, so thought he might just skip the search for straight porn, and get right down to the serious business of making gay porn! He is straight, but very comfortable and sure about his sexuality, so he has no problems flirting or giving a guy a big bear hug. He had drunkenly messed around with a gay friend when he was younger, but isn’t at all the curious or confused type. He just likes to show-off, and if it means messing around with dudes, he will jump in with gusto! Truman is a super sexy dude, with a sexy body, nice cut cock and a big, dangly set of nuts and he’s not afraid to show off his hole either!

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ChaosMen: Jon

Jon is gay, blond and has that twinky vibe about him and a very sexy smile, but he seems like mature guy. At 23, he seems like he has his life together, but is always looking to make a little extra money and has been debating giving porn a try. Jon loves his pubes and ChaosMen reckoned it was awesome getting someone in who was not obsessed with shaving their manhood off. Nestled in those natural pubes is a thick 7 inches of prime cut meat.

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ChaosMen: Lincoln

Low Hanger Alert! Just check out the sexy Lincoln over at ChaosMen recently. He’s a happy and gregarious type … not at all shy in person or on camera … and just check out his sexy smile … gorgeous! He had his pictures taken by a photographer who helped him get hard, so he figured he could likely do a solo and maybe even more! And now about those balls! Low hangers seem to be fairly rare, and boy does have some clackers on him! His cock is cut and about 7 inches long, but since his balls hang so low, you really see all of his boner from the front. He looks more like an 8 inch dude. He swings his balls around, and plays with them like he is rolling some dice!

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ChaosMen: Addison

Addison is a local guy and he came over to this ChaosMen shoot with his girlfriend in tow. He’s straight, clearly works hard on his body, and at any age he looks awesome. The dude is a natural show-off and had a lot of fun doing his muscle poses. He got his cock up quick and though it has a wicked curve to it, it is actually a bit longer than 7.5 inches.

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