Bentley Race: Tommy DeLuca

Bentley Race loves shooting with Tommy DeLuca … he’s such a hot guy, with a monster cock that’s always hard and ready to go. Today, it’s cold outside, so they stayed in Ben’s hotel room … but Tommy was just as keen as ever to whip out that fat Italian horse cock. Ben dared Tommy to jump up on the window sill to give the crowds on New York’s 5th Avenue a good look … and he did it too!

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Bentley Race: Levi Hamil

As he travels around the world, Bentley Race is always on the lookout for seriously hung men. Some guys were already showing off their big dicks. But Levi Hamil completely surprised him when he pulled down his pants! Levi must easily have 11 inches between his legs as he wakes it up. This 22 year old dancer from Washington DC was apparently a lot of fun to shoot with and loved showing off his big tiger.

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Bentley Race: John Pavel

John Pavel is a well-muscled 22 year old Romanian who is actually a professional boxer. He had brought some of his boxing gear around for this nude shoot with Bentley Race, but he spied a blue wrestling singlet amongst the gear in Ben’s suitcase and really wanted to try in on. Ben loved taking these photos showing John slowing slipping out of that wrestling singlet and eventually exposing his thick uncut dick … and so will you!

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Bentley Race: Dennis Conerman

The latest model to drop his clothes for the Bentley Race cameras is 22 year old Hungarian hottie Dennis Conerman. Ben had seen a couple of photos of Dennis in just a speedo and he had been really impressed and was eager to meet this stocky hairy muscle boy when he rolled in to Budapest for his shooting vacation. Dennis was initially reluctant at first to model fully nude … but once he and Ben got talking he could see that it was going to be a fun shoot … and nothing stopped him from then on!

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