Bentley Race: Olly Daniels

The new mate over at Bentley Race, Olly Daniels, is hugely popular after they posted his first scene there a few weeks ago. But his very first shoot actually happened a little before that one … on the rooftop of Ben’s inner city apartment building. It was a very hot day and, even at the risk of being spotted by office workers in the surrounding buildings, 20 year old Olly was keen to do the outdoors shoot. He looks great in that little blue jockstrap with his blond furry bum sticking out the back and the horny Olly’s fat uncut cock was already rock hard before he pulled it out to the side. The scene was finished on the roof with Olly pouring a big bottle of water over himself to cool down.

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Bentley Race: Brady Kent

When Brady Kent turned up to Ben’s vacation apartment in Berlin in the middle of winter, he knew how to get him warmed up before this shoot for the Bentley Race site. They headed into the bathroom where Ben started shooting this sexy 25 year old Bulgarian wrestler. It was toasty warm in there, so Brady could comfortably show off in a pair of speedos. Eventually he lost the speedos and started playing with himself until he got his delicious uncut cock nice and hard … enjoy!

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Bentley Race: Henry Loch

Recently 18 year old Aussie lad Henry Loch had his very first shoot outside on the inner city rooftop of the Bentley Race apartment building. Henry was so excited about his first shoot. He was rock hard from the moment they started taking his photos. Henry was showing off some of his tennis tricks … and he’s is full of them! Juggling tennis balls and showing how many balls he could shove down his undies … he could have gotten more down then if his uncut cock wasn’t erect!

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