Bentley Race: Tony Baretta

New straight mate Tony Baretta is doing his first ever nude photo shoot this week for Bentley Race. This chunky Latino met up with Ben’s photographer mate Zac in New York during a vacation there. He was pretty nervous at first about getting naked in front of another guy, but he was relaxed as soon as he was totally naked. And he had no problem at all getting hard while Zac clicked away … check it out … hot beefy guy ahead!

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Bentley Race: Adam El Shawar

Ever since this straight 24 year old first appeared on Bentley Race earlier this year, all of Ben’s gay mates have been asking about doing a shoot with him! This shoot was filmed towards the end of last summer and it was still plenty warm enough to be naked outside. Adam, being soccer player, didn’t mind getting dressed up into his full kit and showing off a few of his tricks before stripping naked and showing off his defined body and delicious uncut cock!

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Bentley Race: David Sweet

Bentley Race caught up with 24 yo David Sweet in Budapest recently and couldn’t leave without doing a new shoot with him. It’s obvious he is putting in a lot of time at the gym and taking care of his body. David loves showing off, and Ben thought he had seen everything that David had to offer … until he suddenly turned around and spread his cheeks to show off that perfect hairy arsehole. Poor Ben, he instantly boned up and had trouble finishing the still photo shoot!

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