Bentley Race: Skippy Baxter

One of the sweetest and sexiest of the mates on Bentley Race is Skippy Baxter. It literally took Ben years to talk Skippy in to modelling for the site. Secretly Ben just wanted to see his gorgeous mate naked. Getting his shoot up on the site was just the icing on the cake. Well Skippy is looking much more muscled these days. So Ben decided to get him around to strip naked one more time and getting him to pose alone is really a treat. He still gets a little nervous at the start of the shoot, but is now used to the routine of being naked while Ben takes lots of photos of his gorgeous face, body and hard cock!

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Bentley Race: Chris Bass

Today Bentley Race is releasing the shoot photographer Zac did recently with Chris Bass in Ben’s bathroom. Ben had no idea the guys were doing this impromptu shoot in there last weekend, but it was certainly fun for him (and us) to watch the results. Chris Bass is now one of the most requested guys that Ben’s other mates want to shoot scenes with … and, as you can imagine, his long, fat cock might have something to do with his popularity!

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