English Lads: Will Carleton

Will is quite big all over, standing at 6ft 4in tall he towers over you with those dark features and sparkly eyes that really come to life when he smiles. With some clothes off, which happens very quick in this English Lads shoot, since this straight lad seems more comfortable naked than clothes, you can enjoy that lean and muscled body with plenty of untrimmed hair all over the place! Boxers on the floor and another thing that is long is an impressive uncut cock that is 5 inches when completely soft! A few tugs on his impressive cock and site Members will see that Will’s uncut meat is soon a throbbing erection that he messes with slow and teasingly …

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English Lads: Andrew Hayden

Andrew is a tall and incredibly well-defined young footballer who likes to show off his body and looks fantastic in the sunshine with the sun catching all that blond fuzz! He is naturally really proud of his body and seems to be more comfortable with nothing on and English Lads members can enjoy some very nice views of his nice uncut cock that hangs down long, and pushed forward, by his big dangly balls!

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English Lads: Lewis Compton

Lewis is a young man recently out of the army and with a little time on his hands he thought he would come and show off his body to the English Lads cameras. A keen footballer (Soccer Player), he looks great in his kit and didn’t take much encouragement before he was grabbing his cock, forming a very nice bulge! As he strips down you can enjoy his naturally hairy body, no trimming with this lad and he is just as happy naked as clothed, letting the Site Members enjoy his nice and long uncut floppy one! Though it’s not soft for long, the second Lewis touches his cock it gets hard, real hard; he is another straight lad with one of these rocket cocks … join and get to see it, and his hairy man-hole too!

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