Bentley Race: Rafael Carreras

Bentley Race has been a huge fan of Rafael Carerras for a very long time. So getting to meet him and have him model for his site was pretty amazing. Ben was really nervous when Rafael turned up at his hotel. So nervous in fact that he could barely give any direction! But Rafael was a real pro. He slipped in to some speedos in the bathroom to pose for a few shots before getting wet in the shower. The speedos didn’t stay on long as the bone growing inside them was beginning to fall out. Rafael looks so dam hot soaking in the showing. And that monster between his legs just kept growing … and growing!

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Gay Hoopla: Eddie Alvarado

Eddie Alvarado is 18yo, fresh, fit and very sexy. Eddie grew up a little overweight and was made fun of it which pushed him to start lifting. He’s been working out only for 1 full year, but as you can see in these images from Gay Hoopla, he’s had some amazing results. Eddie was a bit shy during this photo shoot, but it didn’t stop him from getting naked and hard for the cameras!

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