Bentley Race: Rich Santana

Rich Santana is a young straight guy from the south of the US and doesn’t mind getting naked and showing off on gay websites. He and Ben from Bentley Race shot this set in Ben’s hotel room where it was nice and private and Rich could get naked and rub that cock hard of his. It’s size got even bigger when he grabbed a fleshlight and shoved it in. You have to check this out … Rich really loves to fuck!

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ChaosMen: Xavier

Xavier was such a surprise. With all his tatts, ChaosMen was kinda expecting someone a little rough, but the reality is that he is super calm, quiet, and has a great sexy energy. The hot body may have a lot of tatts, but his face is definitely the star attraction … really quite beautiful, in a masculine sort of way, with kind eyes and a sweet smile. Xavier was not too sure about doing this nude solo shoot, and even less sure about working with another dude. But in the end he gets into the groove of things and his ample cock just kinda balloons up for the cameras!

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Jawked: Roque Rems

Sexy Roque Rems hails from Venezuela and he brings with him that special kind of South American passion you might expect from a tanned and horny hunk like him. This energetic and athletic stud is all about sharing his very impressive manhood with other guys, but while he’s absolutely a top the Jawked crew are still waiting for the day when he might decide to get super curious and try bottoming.

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