Bentley Race: Rafael Carreras

Rafael Carreras is one of most beautiful men Ben from Bentley Race has had the pleasure to shoot with. Apparently he is an incredibly sweet guy and had no problem stripping down naked on a chilly afternoon in New York. He even jumped up on the giant window sill to give a little show for the tourists milling around the NY Public Library over the road. Cuban born Rafael was rock hard the whole time … hot man!

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Bentley Race: Rich Santana

Rich Santana is a young straight guy from the south of the US and doesn’t mind getting naked and showing off on gay websites. He and Ben from Bentley Race shot this set in Ben’s hotel room where it was nice and private and Rich could get naked and rub that cock hard of his. It’s size got even bigger when he grabbed a fleshlight and shoved it in. You have to check this out … Rich really loves to fuck!

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