Bentley Race: Jimmy Allen

With such long hot days now in Australia Bentley Race is now doing a lot of shooting outdoors. His rooftop is one of his favourite places to get his mates naked outside. And 25 year old Jimmy Allen from Nigeria was not shy at all when it comes to getting his gear off on the roof. The shoot started out with Jimmy posing and stripping in the back stairwell, but soon they went outside for a few shots on the roof. Jimmy was happy to hang out there for a long time getting naked and working his big cock rock hard!

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Bentley Race: Leon James

Ben from Bentley Race met this beautiful 18 year old prince during his stay in New York earlier this year. Leon James saw Ben’s advert looking for guys to model for him while he was in town. Leon emailed a couple of photos of himself and Ben could immediately tell that he was a big boy … but it wasn’t until he pulled off that shirt to show off his rippling muscles that Ben got to see just how big he really is. During this shoot, Leon was a great sport. Showing off in his jockstrap and then getting naked was no problem, even when he was in full view of the office outside the window he posed naked in.

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