Bentley Race: Levi Hamil

As he travels around the world, Bentley Race is always on the lookout for seriously hung men. Some guys were already showing off their big dicks. But Levi Hamil completely surprised him when he pulled down his pants! Levi must easily have 11 inches between his legs as he wakes it up. This 22 year old dancer from Washington DC was apparently a lot of fun to shoot with and loved showing off his big tiger.

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Sean Cody: Montgomery

“I played some football back in the day,” Montgomery said with a big, warm smile. “Were you any good?” asked Sean Cody. “I like to think so!” he replied. “I was training to go semi pro, but I got sidelined by an injury. Now I just do it for fun.” He showed off some of his moves and Sean was pretty impressed! “For a big guy, you can move!” Sean loved his big, beefy build and hairy chest and couldn’t wait to get him back to the studio and see what he had inside his pants. “You seem to be sweating a little bit,” I said, pointing at his hairy pits. “Yeah I am a little nervous.” He slowly pulled off his shorts and out flopped his enormous dick! “Wow!” Sean said. “You got nothing to be nervous about!” … He laughed and his dick started getting hard from the compliment …

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