English Lads: Leigh Jones

Leigh came along and did a shoot for English Lads on a nice warm and sunny day at the end of the last UK summer and you can watch this muscular eighteen year old stripping down to his boxers and settling down in the sun and when his boxers come off he says he likes the feeling of the gently breeze blowing round his balls! Once naked you can see Leigh has one of those big meaty uncut cocks, a good size when soft, that swells up quick and is soon standing proud.

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Sean Cody: Benjamin

Benjamin is very beefy and he’s very shy. He’s 22 years old and he’s currently working on his certification to become a personal trainer. “So, once you graduate, are you going to work for a gym or are you going to find your own clients?” asked Sean Cody. “I’m probably going to work for one of the big gyms,” he replied. “I think that will make things easier in the beginning.” Benjamin apparently wasn’t always so muscular. When he graduated from high school, he weighed 140 pounds. “I wasn’t very big,” he said. “I wanted to get big.” Well, he’s big now. And he has an ass you could set your drink on!

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Sean Cody: Brice

“Now you’re more of a top. Do you still top mostly or do you bottom too?” asked Sean Cody. “Actually that is a complete lie,” Brice admitted. “What do you mean?” said Sean … “I am more of a complete bottom. Yeah.” Brice just turned 19 and he knows what he wants! “Once I turned 18 …” he said. “It was like two weeks after I turned 18 … I got fucked for the first time and since then it’s been like …” … “You saw the light.” … “Every guy I’ve dated since then has been a top!” … “What do you like in a guy?” … “I like them tall…” he said. “They have to have abs, they have to be really muscular, but not too muscular.” … and “Yes, the bigger the better”!

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