ChaosMen: Atticus

Atticus is a 23yo big, muscular, hunky guy! He also likes other guys, and has done a few sex videos elsewhere. So he was not nervous at all for his solo with ChaosMen. He works out for about 3 or 4 hours each day, and he said he consumes about 7000 calories a day and he says he weighs about 200 pounds. He is one big beefy dude with a nice cut cock that you will just want to curl up with!

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ChaosMen: Reuben

Reuben is 21yo, straight and into all kinds of girls. He’s so not a picky eater! All the same, he seemed pretty nervous about doing guy-on-guy work for ChaosMen, despite having one drunken experience where he got a blow-job from a buddy. Thankfully he was not about doing this solo. Reuben is an electrician by trade, so has a steady work gig, and is looking to make some extra money to help move him and his girlfriend into a nicer place. He has a standard 6 inch cock, which he gets up very fast. He uses both hands to stimulate it, but stops every now and then so the camera can see it all engorged and hard. Reuben is not shy about showing-off his arsehole either!

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Gay Hoopla: Jason Keys

It’s Jason Key’s very FIRST time flexing, humping, playing with himself on cam for the amazing members of the Gay Hoopla site. Check out every inch of Jason’s tanned, ripped body while he goes from pose to pose, ultimately getting a fat, hard cock from all the attention. All throughout, Jason keeps it HOT and SEXY as he chats with 140+ members and fulfils all of their requests!

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