Gay Hoopla: Adam Mackie

Meet Adam Mackie, a new model over at Gay Hoopla. The poor lad is doing his first ever porn shoot and he’s so nervous that he’s quite literally shaking! But once things started Adam’s nerves slowly eased up and he ended up being a super cool dude. He’s obviously fit and has a great natural bush and a great looking cut dick that stars off small and cute and ends up quite a bit bigger!

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ChaosMen: Tony

Tony is 20yo and he has a tight, muscular and hairy body. He identifies as straight and has a thick Southern accent, which he did not even realize he had, which ChaosMen found quite charming. He is into fitness, fashion modelling, and is a self-described geek. His nice-sized cut cock gets hard for the cameras in no time, and he obviously enjoys stroking it and waggling it around. His hairy arse is also quite amazing, and he’s not too shy to give us a great view of his pink puckered hole!

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Bentley Race: Mark Green

One of the sexiest men Bentley Race got to meet during their recent quick trip to the US was this incredibly handsome straight guy from Indiana. Mark Green had spotted Ben’s advert looking for guys to model for him while he was travelling around the US. They spoke a little and Ben got to see a few selfies he had taken … and Ben thought he looked okay. But when they finally met up, Ben a little taken back by how beautiful this guy was in the flesh. You will be too, check him out below!

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