Sean Cody: Elijah

Like a lot of the guys who come to visit Sean Cody, Elijah was a first-time traveller. He’d never been on a plane before, nor had he been away from home. “I guess I spend a lot of my time just trying to get out of there,” he said about his small home town. When he first arrived, he was all dressed up in slacks and a white button-down shirt. “I thought I should dress professionally,” he explained. “Well, you know that you are here to get naked, right?” teased Sean. “Yeah, but I thought I should look good doing it!” … Everything about Elijah is adorable, from his gorgeous smile to his well-tanned torso and hard, cut cock.

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English Lads: Jack Forbes

Recently qualified as a personal trainer, Jack Forbes seems happy to strip out of his clothes and show off his body for the English Lads cameras. When you see him in his boxers, there might be a clue as to one of the reasons he is only to happy to strip off, because the bulge in his boxers suggests there might be something nice and large in there. Down they come and out pops an impressive uncut cock… it is vast when completely soft and looks pretty thick, but when he warms it up it just gets longer and thicker!

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