ChaosMen: Tristan

Tristan is a super handsome guy. He has a great face, an amazing body, sexy smile, and he even grew his hair out just for this ChaosMen shoot … though he promptly shaved it off the day after shooting this video! He was a bit nervous, but clearly you can see he has posed for photos before, and was not afraid to show off his delicious body and very attractive cut cock and hairy balls!

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Bentley Race: Tristan Folder

Check out the new mate over at Bentley Race … the fiery red-headed Tristan Folder. Tristan is from Germany, and Ben was there recently spending some time filming some of the very sexy guys who live in Berlin. Tristan and Ben met up and Tristan told Ben that he had done some nude modelling some years ago and Ben was soon trying to convince him to do a nude shoot with him. Tristan was not sure about it, but agreed in the end … luckily for us, as we now get to see this re-head’s sexy body and big fat cock!

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Fit Young Men: Tristan Thompson

Tristan Thompson from Fit Young Men is a 21yo straight lad from England who enjoys playing Football (Soccer). He stands 6ft 2in tall, weighs 84kg, has a 31in waist, a 41in chest and his 8 inch long penis is uncut. The site now has 505 models and 625 shoots of fit and sexy young men … all ripped and athletic … and most are in the nude! Check out the third image below … Tristan has a rock-hard boner in his shorts!

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