English Lads: Jake Swift

Jake is a young man with great definition and good muscle size and those bright blue eyes of his really draw you in … wanting more! He is the naughty one of a set of identical twins and seems to be enjoying showing off his body to the English Lads cameras. He works hard to maintain his physique, with lots of football and gym work. His tanned body and light fuzz of hair looks great and when standing stark naked site Members can enjoy his uncut cock, which has plenty of foreskin, and once hard, his erection is one of those that are as hard as steel!

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Sean Cody: Niko

Niko is a young aspiring body builder. He’s 19 years old and hopes that he can compete in his first competition some day. He doesn’t seem like a “meat head” gym type, and he’s very laid back. He stands 6ft 3in tall and already has a very defined torso and chiselled abs. Sean Cody found out he’s part Italian, which explains his dark hair and olive skin.

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