ChaosMen: Maxwell

Maxwell is a former military guy who has always wanted to do porn. Straight porn of course, but he says he has been curious about guys. He is about 5ft 7in tall and has a tightly-muscled build. His cock is actually quite big and ChaosMen found him to the sort of guy who truly liked to show-off and you can tell he was made to do porn. He LOVED being in front of the camera and showcasing his awesome cock.

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Southern Strokes: Ace Harper

Say hello to the newest Southern Strokes stud to visit the Ranch; Ace Harper. Enjoy these images of Ace, as he stood up and took off his jeans and boxers so that the camera could get a good look at all of him. He is 6ft 1in tall, and 170 lbs of pure muscle. This southern boy has 4% fat. After giving everyone a good look at his perfect little ass, Ace sat down and starting greasing his already hard cock … Ace definitely isn’t shy … and his cock is certainly worth looking at!

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Videoboys: Simon Archer

Simon showed Videoboys some of his moves outside on the basketball court and while he was doing that their cameras were focusing on his chest, abs and any other skin they could see on him. And when he got a bit sweaty … all the better. After the workout Simon described the way basketball and sex are all mixed together in his life. And when he pulled out his fat uncut dick the cameras were quick to zoom in on it, and his man-hole too!

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