William Higgins: Petr Caruk

Petr Caruk is a very handsome 21yo straight guy doing his first nude photo shoot here for William Higgins. He is a carpenter by trade, and enjoys sports, jogging and fitness in his spare time. As he removes his jeans and underwear, he turns towards the camera and shows off his soft uncut cock. Turns out it’s a real grower and his dick is soon rock-hard, and certainly looks very good indeed as it pokes out in front of him with the foreskin retracted and the crimson-purple head all naked and exposed. Then Petr lays on the bed, and while holding his stiff dick in his hand, he lifts his legs and shows off his tightly puckered arse hole. He grabs his butt cheeks and pulls them wide apart for a better look … nice to see a straight guy being so helpful and generous in allowing us such a great view!

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English Lads: Ben Thompson

Ben is a straight lad, a personal trainer by day and has a job on the side; when he modelled for the English Lads sister website Fit Young Men recently, he said “I don’t mind going a little further” … and what you see today is exactly that! This tall lad with a floppy blonde mop is seen here stripping out of his clothes and showing you his sculpted body and rock hard abs. Although he can look a little moody in some of these photos, when he drops his boxers, members will get to see his cock … and what a beauty it is … uncut and just about perfect to the eye … it hangs long and low and swells up well thick and hard!

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Miami Boyz: Dante

Dante is a hot 20 year old Latino who Miami Boyz had noticed hanging out with some friends at a local park … he was skateboarding (and very good at it) which added to his youthful macho appeal … of course, the fact that he had his shirt off and was showing off his smooth muscular chest added to that “appeal” … he agreed to come back to the studio to do a photo shoot … so they made him feel at home … put some nasty straight porn to help motivate his hard on and filmed the entire thing from fully clothed to the slow reveal of his perfect young body to the moment that we get to see his soft uncut cock until it grows to the full monster 8 inches!

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