English Lads: Jake Swift

Jake did a shoot for the English Lads sister website Fit Young Men a while ago and it has taken until now to convince him to do a more explicit video … which is not such a bad thing … after all, all good things cum until those who wait!! So here he is … and he does a great job at showing off in this photo set! He is tall and toned with great muscles and a sprinkling of hair and bright green eyes! He just looks great in and out of his clothes, and members will see that he has one of those dicks that is a real grower … with a long dangly foreskin!

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Lucas Kazan: Carmelo

Director and Talent Scout for Lucas Kazan, Ettore Tosi, has debuted hundreds of beautiful young Italian men. But 20 year old Carmelo sure stands out. His muscular build, his tan, his smile … just about everything about this jock is simply perfect. “I jerk off three or four times a day”, admits Carmelo. “If I didn’t, I’d go crazy. I mean, I’m 20: I can fuck six or seven times in a row!” Ahh, to be young again!

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Sean Cody: Marshall

“You’re definitely not shy … I’ll give you that …” says Sean Cody. “I’m not shy about anything!” Marshall replied. He had that smile and those sexy blue eyes. And he shouldn’t be shy. Because he’s absolutely perfect … from head to toe! He’s smooth and muscular, with a furry ass. Then there’s his dick … it’s big and long! And his nuts are large too. Marshall has just starting going to college. He’s very laid back and he approaches everything with a sense of humour. “Is it awkward playing with your dick in front of cameras?” Sean asked … “”No, I always play with my dick,” he said. “It’s about time that I get to show it off!” … Wow … Lucky us!

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