Menatplay: Rogan Richards

Not all men are created equal … and never is this more apparent than when you see the latest addition to the Menatplay stable of men, Rogan Richards. This 37 year old Australian caused waves of excitement when he first arrived at the  Menatplay studios and after watching his debut movie you will understand exactly why. Rogan is quite simply jaw-droppingly HOT!!! The handsome face, the flawless muscular physique, the body hair, and not to mention that AMAZING butt! … and his dick … thick, uncut, veiny, delicious …!

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English Lads: Danny McCaw

Danny is a very hot young man who plays guitar and is just starting to play the piano; he is great at music and is discovering it can be a whole load of fun taking off your clothes and entertaining gay men with your clothes off too! Danny’s body is really well-defined, with perfectly proportioned muscles and English Lads Site members also get to see that when he pulls down his pants he has a heavenly uncut cock … and it’s the sort of dick that goes from soft to hard very fast, and once hard, stays pointing up like a rocket! Check out the video of Danny too … he’s quite the sweetie, and musically talented too!

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ChaosMen: Joaquin

Joaquin is half Native American (Cherokee) and is obviously interested in fitness. He just turned 30 and is in amazing shape. He has a steady girl, and she is a fitness model too. He has done nudes with photographers, and is very natural in front of the camera. ChaosMen had been waiting quite some time to shoot him, as they had agreed to wait until his pubes grew back … and even now, they are totally manicured! Not only does this hunk have a hot body, but that cock, geeez! It is long and thick and perfectly straight. And it was apparently always hard! Easily one of the quickest photo shoots and solos they have ever shot!

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ChaosMen: Brant

Brant is a former military guy who had been told that with his red hair and extra large package he should be doing porn … ChaosMen agreed! He is a little quiet during this solo, but his cock is rock solid, and he does like engaging the cameras and his audience. He gets erect almost immediately. His dick is so straight it is uncanny and could likely be used as a ruler, while his fiery red pubes frame it perfectly.

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