SpunkWorthy: Galen

Galen is a straight 20yo Marine stationed in San Diego, complete with the tell-tale military farmer tan. He’s had a bit of a conservative, somewhat sheltered life up until recently and decided it was time to cut loose now that he’s away from home. He only lost his virginity 3 months ago and when the SpunkWorthy cameraman asked him about being in porn, he figured he might as well give that a shot while he was at it. Galen said he was a little nervous being in front of the cameras for the first time, but it seems his initial nervousness was actually excitement … as when he dropped his pants, he was already sporting a half-mast woody.

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Active Duty: Sky: Hot Marine In Uniform

Sky, a twinkish Marine, with a very nice package, is back at Active Duty this week in a never-before-released solo. Sky only did two scenes way back when, but, now they’ve dug up this beautiful solo video. You’ll be glad that they got Sky in front of the camera for his own solo video in uniform, as he just looks really spiffy in it. He’s got a cute little smile, and piercing eyes. He’s also sporting a thick long log too, and, I’m sure you’ll notice, when you take a look at his photos, that he has a wonderfully hairy butthole too, which he lets the world see for the first time ever!

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Active Duty: Dane

Dane is one huge Marine. He’s a strapping 6ft 4in tall and 230 pounds. Dane’s a big farm boy from North Carolina, but when Active Duty met him he said that he’s not missing the south. He was loving Southern California and all the hot sex he was having out there. Dane said then that he’s open to exploration and down for whatever Active Duty throws his way- and he has proved it. Dane went on to do 7 scenes for AD, including a couple of three ways and, of course, this never-before-seen uniformed solo!

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