SpunkWorthy: Avery

Avery is a hot looking straight 23yo military stud who’s been thinking about getting into porn for at least the past 2 years … which was when he first approached SpunkWorthy about the idea. He’s in great shape, standing 5ft 8in tall … he’s a solid 210 lbs and quite hard to miss! Something else hard to miss are his balls … when he shorts came off, there were his balls in full view … and they are one seriously dangly pair of low-hangers … plus he’s also got a very nice thick cut cock that has a sexy downward curve to it!

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Bentley Race: Dennis Conerman

Dennis Conerman is a beefy 22 year old guy who looks so darn hot as he flexes his muscles and strips naked in the Bentley Race bathroom. Once the Speedo was off, we get a great look at that beautiful fat uncut dick of his! Dennis has got the nicest big round bum too. Dennis grew up in Hungary and these days he spends most of his life on the road as a model. This was his first time doing porn modelling.

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Sean Cody: Christian

Christian is a big, beefy guy! This 25-year old kind of looks like a muscle head, but when he speaks you can tell he’s a sensitive boy! “ I’m a big softy,” he admitted with a smile. “I can see that now,” Sean Cody replied. “You had me worried!” He laughed. “Thanks … people seem to be scared of me at first. But I just want hugs!” During his visit to do this photo shoot, Christian was extremely friendly and a little flirtatious. He was shooting winks everywhere and even grabbed a few asses! Christian was very eager to talk about his desires … “I want to fool around with a guy,” he confessed. “ I’ve thought about it before but never had a chance to talk about it.” Once the shoot got going and he was naked, he kept sliding fingers over his arsehole and tugging on his nuts. “I like to tug on my nuts,” he said. “It really makes my dick rock hard!”

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