Island Studs: Eric

Standing 6ft 2in tall and weighing in at 195lbs Eric is a straight scuba diving instructor where he works at a popular Hawaiian dive school in the Islands. Look how sexy this big man is in his scuba gear at the public beach! Wow, what a hunk! He is also a red-head and proud of it. Eric is a friendly, easy to talk to man’s man that is comfortable at home drinking beer and grilling burgers or tossing the football with his buds. Eric’s big thick football player body and bright colourful tattoos might catch your attention, but once his clothes come off the Island Studs cameras see that this is one hot hairy guy with a huge muscular athletic ass and a rock hard blue collar cock!

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Sean Cody: Benjamin

Benjamin is very beefy and he’s very shy. He’s 22 years old and he’s currently working on his certification to become a personal trainer. “So, once you graduate, are you going to work for a gym or are you going to find your own clients?” asked Sean Cody. “I’m probably going to work for one of the big gyms,” he replied. “I think that will make things easier in the beginning.” Benjamin apparently wasn’t always so muscular. When he graduated from high school, he weighed 140 pounds. “I wasn’t very big,” he said. “I wanted to get big.” Well, he’s big now. And he has an ass you could set your drink on!

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Island Studs: Trey

Beefy Lad Trey, a tourist visiting Hawaii, is a real Montana farm boy – very polite with a sweet shy smile and an amazing white ass! This is his first time nude in front of any camera!  He NEVER imagined he would be doing this on his Hawaiian Holiday!  Trey’s big friendly smile and bright eyes might catch your attention, but once his clothes come off the Island Studs cameras see that his years as a high school football player and college wrestler blessed him with a smooth thick athletic body.  His beefy blue collar butt is a butt-lovers dream! You will also be impressed with the weapon Trey carries around with him everyday – his big fat hard cock!

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