picturethis-studios: Jamie West

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Jamie West has always said he loves turning up for a shoot with the guys of picturethis-studios, the British website that has become his exclusive British porn home for the last 12 months. He is never to sure exactly what to expect in terms of the scene or style in which they will have him appear, having already done a variety of different shoots for them in the past. With no less than 7 appearances so far, their cameraman can still remember this baby faced bad boy having a Mohican haircut in his very first appearance as he soaked his stunning naked body in their steaming bath tub. With this latest shoot however, we are now beginning to witness this British lad transform into a very hot young man indeed, and what a difference! His muscle definition has improved, his Mohican has grown out, and he has made a return visit to the tattoo parlour for a little bit more ink. This sexy British guy is just getting a whole lot hornier as time goes on, and still looking younger than his years would suggest. Although still only 21, he has plenty more performances left in him, and you can be sure the guys at picturethis-studios are already dreaming up the next scenario for Jamie to star in!

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