picturethis-studios: Gareth Hayes

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UK porn site picturethis-studios, justifiably pride themselves on the number of horny young exclusive guys they regularly feature, but they also admit that repeat shoots with some of these hot straight guys can sometimes be a bit difficult to arrange … as once these good looking guys get themselves into relationships they can disappear off the porn radar for a while! Some of their girlfriends apparently aren’t so happy sharing their boyfriends with the rest of the world, especially when that involves letting them get naked to be ogled by other guys! Such was the reason sexy uncut 22 year old Gareth Hayes had disappeared for a while. Luckily however, when his girlfriend told him she would be going to her sisters for a week, he seized the opportunity to get back in front of the camera and get his hot uncut cock out for the guys again. With 8 throbbing uncut inches between his legs, there is probably plenty for everyone to share!

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