Bentley Race: Justin Evans

Bentley Race just loves to shoot with his cute mate Justin Evans. Justin was so shy when Ben first met him a couple of years, but he’s not shy anymore! And this week he’s in Ben’s hotel bathroom posing in just a pair of Aussiebum swimming trunks. He loses them pretty quickly as Ben snaps lots of photos … especially of his glorious bubble butt and nice fat and very hard uncut dick!

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Bentley Race: Matias Toledo

A couple of weeks ago Bentley Race got an email from this 25yo guy called Matias Toledo. He sent a couple of photos of himself standing on a Californian beach with a surfboard wearing a pair of board shorts. He sure looked pretty cute. Anyway, the email went on to say that he was on holiday in Australia and currently visiting Melbourne, so Ben invited him around to meet and do a nude photo shoot. He had never modelled naked before but was very keen to give it a go, and he sure has a great body, especially his butt … and a nice big dick too!

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Bentley Race: David Ivan

This week Bentley Race are understandably very happy to introduce a new straight mate to their stable of male models – his name is David Ivan. This 22yo muscly Bulgarian met up with Ben for this shoot in Berlin. Not much information passed between the two men, as neither spoke the other’s language … but he was happy enough to strip and pose for the cameras! This guy is solid, beefy and very strong. He obviously looks after himself well and works out a lot. And you are going to love his thick erect cock as he proudly shows it off for the cameras!

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Bentley Race: Jay Mercer

One of the most beautiful guys Bentley Race got to film while visiting Austin, Texas recently was this 19yo hottie called Jay Mercer. Tho he was a bit nervous at first, but he soon relaxed as his clothes came off and he started flexing those amazing muscles of his. He’s a really softly spoken shy lad, and he wasn’t sure what to expect, as this was his first shoot, but it wasn’t long before he got the idea and his big cut dick came out into the light and rapidly grew until it was rock-hard … nice debut!

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