Fit Young Men: Jeremy Norfolk

Jeremy Norfolk from Fit Young Men is a straight 20yo from England who is into playing Football (Soccer). He stands 6ft tall, weighs 70kg, has a 29in waist and a 37in chest. The site now has 420 models and 517 shoots of fit and sexy young men … all ripped and athletic … and most are in the nude!

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ChaosMen: Trey

Talk about horse hung! Geez! Trey is a mechanic who has been married for about 5 years. It sounds like he and his lady have been sexually adventurous, and she has taken time to play with Trey’s arsehole. Not sure who planted the seed in his head that he should do porn, but with his big cock and open mind, he was ready to give it a try. Trey also has some seriously low-hangin’ balls, so if you are fan of danglin’ testicles, you will love this guy.  Check him out at ChaosMen

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Bentley Race: Angel Garcia

The latest international import to the team of Bentley Race mates is Spanish hottie Angel Garcia. Springing out of Barcelona is this 26 year old gym trainer. He puts on a strip tease show and you can tell that he he’s very fit as he reveals those perfect abdominal muscles. But wait until you see that uncut boner he’s hiding in his undies!

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Fit Young Men: Richard Stuart

Richard Stuart from Fit Young Men is a 24yo straight English lad.  He loves to play Rugby and he is 5ft 11in tall and weighs 82kg.

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