Fit Young Men: Vince Azzopardi

Vince Azzopardi from Fit Young Men is a 23yo straight Kick Boxer from England … he weighs 80 kg, is 6ft 1in tall, has a 40in chest and a 32in waist and his penis is 9 inches long and uncut.

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ChaosMen: Cy

Cy is another one of those guys that is “allegedly” straight. During the video interview with ChaosMen, he was a lot more forthcoming about sex with other guys. A drunken incident he had mentioned before the shoot started, suddenly turned into “numerous occasions”. But who really care anyway … the guy is exceptionally cute and adorable! There is something about his blonde short cropped hair and facial features that just work. And his smile, wow! He just smiled his way through the photo shoot … he really shines!

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Fit Young Men: Dane Dekota

Dane Dekota from Fit Young Men is a 20yo Boxer from England.  He’s straight, also likes to play Cricket and is 5ft 10in tall and weighs 78kg.

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English Lads: Joe Bond

Joe Bond is a straight young lad with an amazingly fit body which is super ripped and covered in tattoos. He’s here at English Lads showing off and stripping bare in the summer sun. His uncut cock starts off soft, but soon rears up to a throbbing piece of man steel … then, amazingly, he turns around and shows of his asshole … a quite unexpected, but totally hot, surprise!

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