Sean Cody: Ken

Ken is a hot college guy doing his first ever porn shoot over with Sean Cody this week. He’s got a handsome face, sexy smile, defined body and a fat cut cock with a great looking upwards bend in it when hard … check him out below!

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Southern Strokes: Tim

Say hello to a new Southern Strokes model … a preppy country lad named Tim. He has just what it takes to go far in this industry … with his tall good looks, dark hair, piercing eyes and adventurous personality. Tim was sitting on the chair telling the camera crew about his first experience he had with a guy when he was just a teenager in high school and how he gave a blow job to his neighbour. The story got everyone turned on, including Tim, so by the time he started to undress and tug on his cock through his khaki shorts, it was already rock-hard!

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Fit Young Men: Alex Brand

Alex Brand from Fit Young Men is a straight 19yo Rugby Player from England. He stands 6ft 1in tall, weighs 88kg, has a 32in waist and a 44in chest. The site now has 391 models and 479 shoots of fit and sexy young men … all ripped and athletic … and most are in the nude!

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ChaosMen: Percy

He identifies as bi, but it sounds like he hasn’t done too much stuff with another guy. His favourite with a girl is to 69, and that is about all he has ever done with a guy. But he is a horny lad, jerking-off several times each day. Percy’s pubes are completely natural. He likes them that way, and when the ChaosMen cameraman mentioned how they trap that little bit of musk, he smiled knowingly. His pants slide ride off, and his cock already has a bit of chub to it … all ready to come and play. Clearly he is not shy about showing-off his arse either, as he bends over during the strip tease to show-off his hole.

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