ChaosMen: Rowan

Rowan is a mix of twink and tough guy. ChaosMen reckon is actually very sweet, but he sure makes tough faces while working his cock! He’s only a little guy, just 125 pounds, but he’s got a good 7.5 inches of hard cut cock. He has all of his pubic and arse hair intact, so if you like a furry bum, you will enjoy this guy!

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English Lads: George Perkins

George is a young man who strips as a job, so he isn’t shy about taking off his kit for the English Lads cameras … but he admitted nearly all the work he has ever done has been in front of women! Once some of those clothes come off we can admire his big physique, he is very tall and broad and at 98 kgs certainly stands out especially when he flexes those bulging muscles. Down to his boxers we get an impression his cock is also going to be large and Site Members will not disappointed to see that his uncut cock is truly as generously proportioned as his body!

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Fit Young Men: Ben Baxter

Ben Baxter from Fit Young Men is a 21yo gay lad from England who enjoys working out at the Gym. He stands 6ft 2in tall, weighs 83kg, has a 31in waist, a 42in chest and he has a 7 inch uncut penis. The site now has 479 models and 593 shoots of fit and sexy young men … all ripped and athletic … and most are in the nude!

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SpunkWorthy: Tory

Tory is a bit of a flirt and a sexy one at that! He’s a 21yo military transplant to San Diego and heard about SpunkWorthy through a buddy who’d done a couple shoots for another porn site over in Hawaii. Tory was looking to make some cash, so he decided to get in touch. He mentions that he’s mostly into girls, but lately had been exploring things with guys. Even though he was super excited about his porn debut, he was a tad concerned that his dick wasn’t going to cooperate. Watch carefully and you’ll see there’s already a tent pitched behind his jeans, so there’s no point worrying if he’ll be hard or not!

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