College Dudes: Gino Anzio Busts A Nut

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Gino Anzio is a 19 year old with “swag” … he’s the kind of guy who walks into a room and lights it up simply by being there … with his presence. The minute Gino starts stripping in this College Dudes shoot, you will find yourself hooked … he has those bedroom eyes that seduce you right into his world. As Gino works up his dick, you can only imagine what he is thinking about. As he strokes it, he rubs his chest a little, and tugs on his balls. The longer he strokes, the more he gets into it. His dick stands at attention – a nice hard cock with a beautiful head. As Gino turns over, slightly uncomfortably, he shows us his hot bubble butt, and arches his back to give us an even better view of his hole … he’s a keeper!

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