College Dudes: Dennis Slade Busts A Nut

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Dennis Slade is a 23 year old with mischief on his mind! He had told the College Dudes crew that he had always wanted to get into porn, and he was very excited to finally have the chance. In this, his first video, he struts his stuff. Dennis has a great upper body, a thick cock, and a nice bubble butt. Dennis enjoys using every part of his body, though, as he shows in this solo. After he strips naked, he works up his cock and begins writhing around on the bed. Rubbing his chest, moving and stretching his legs, playing with his balls – Dennis really works up a sweat! Not satisfied with just focusing on his dick, Dennis throws his legs up in the air and does some serious finger fucking himself. It is really hot to see a young masculine stud like Dennis showing us that he knows how to pleasure his hole …

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