ChaosMen: Severino

Severino is a South American dude who has been in the US about 6 years. His accent is pretty thick but his English very good! He is married, but ChaosMen didn’t think his wife knows the extent of his video shoots. He dances in clubs, and also does personal training. He used to be a BMX racer, and got quite a few scars from a lot of crashes. When he broke his femur, that was pretty much the end of racing bikes. Severino has a big Latin uncut cock on him, so he is a great way to kick-off Monster Cock Week at ChaosMen. It has a pretty good hook on it, and depending on the angle it looks normal-sized, but when he lets it hang, it truly is a hefty cock! He certainly likes to show off, and working the camera seemed easy for him.

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