SpunkWorthy: Lee

Lee is a transplant from the east coast, brought to San Diego courtesy of the Marines. After recently getting out, he’s decided to give a shot at porn to help make ends meet. Something he’s been thinking about for a few years … During his interview with SpunkWorthy he admitted that he and his ex-wife were, in his words, “Too horny for our own good.” You gotta see Lee naked. His sexy bedroom eyes will make you want to rip his clothes off. He’s got a nice looking cut cock, soft at first, but soon gets a lot bigger and harder … check it out below!

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SpunkWorthy: Grant

Grant is a small-town Texas boy who got a free trip to San Diego, courtesy of the Marines. He’s 25yo which was a bit of a surprise, as his baby face makes him look younger. At the start of this SpunkWorthy Shoot, Grant was a bit soft-spoken and seemed a little on the reserved side so, to break the ice, the camera guys asked him if being in porn was something he’d been thinking about for a while. “Actually,” he said, “I never thought I’d be doing something like this. I’m kind of shy. My brother didn’t believe me when I told him.” That’s right. He told his brother. And he’s interested, too. It’s very refreshing (not to mention HOT!) to see a guy as hairy as Grant not trim it all off. Apparently, Grant’s not too shy. He didn’t have any problem keeping his dick hard. And since he had saved up a few days beforehand, there was plenty of cum covering his hand and pubes by the end!

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