English Lads: Marc Bozzi

Marc is a young straight man who was born in Italy and has since lived in many different countries; this is a young man with confidence, experience and a willingness to try new things! As his clothes come off for the English Lads cameras, you can admire his athletic body. He plays lots of sports, kayaks a lot and so his shoulders and core are rock solid! His body is ripped all over and when his boxers come off Site Members can see his uncut cock as it rises up and stands as proud and as rock solid as the rest of his muscles!

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Sean Cody: Joshua

Sean Cody always loves it when a hot guy isn’t afraid to show off his arsehole! “You have no shyness about showing off your arse” he asked Joshua, “Do you?” … “No, why not?” he replied with a big smile. “It’s nice.” … “Yes it is!” replied Sean smiling to himself. “I’ve got a nice butt hole,” he said as he fingered it a little. “It’s nice.” So, needless to say Sean was very intrigued by Joshua … and so will you!

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English Lads: Niall Horin

Young Lad Niall has been a Personal Trainer for a couple of years and has been building up his body so he can take part in a few bodybuilding competitions! So he is used to showing off his body wearing very little and this over sexed young man is only too happy to drop his briefs and pump up his cock into a throbbing rod of iron! His body is almost hair free, a little on his legs and just a few curly locks round his hole, which he is happy to show off to the English Lads cameras, and he even teases it a bit with his finger! Niall has a muscular body and equally over proportioned cock that he wanks off vigorously and after lots of hand action shoots a nice big load over his abs! A happy and cheeky young lad now happy his nuts are unloaded!

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Sean Cody: Aidan

Aidan recently came out to everyone he knows and he’s been having a great time exploring his sexuality. “You are all smiles today, huh?” Sean Cody commented. He had a grin from ear to ear, so it was obvious he was excited to be here. “ I’ve been a fan for a long time,” he said. “I guess you could say I ‘grew up’ with Sean Cody!” … “What do you mean?” asked Sean … “Well,” he explained. “I had girlfriends, but it was never … you know. I would fool around with them, but I would think about getting fucked by someone like Harley.” … “Yeah,” Sean laughed. “That would definitely be a sign that you’re gay!”

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