SpunkWorthy: Colt

Colt is a 21yo solid piece of prime beef. Standing at 5ft 10in, he tips the scales at 220 lbs. and is getting beefier by the week! “I’ve always been kind of a thick guy,” he explains to the SpunkWorthy cameraman, “but I’ve put on about 50 lbs of muscle since I joined the Marines.” When Colt peeled off his clothes, it took a minute to warm up to having a camera pointed at his hard-on, laughing self-consciously a little when it came in for the first close-up. But it wasn’t long before he let his inner porn star loose. He seemed to like the close-ups when he could see himself stroking in the camera’s LCD screen, so you’ll see him show off his cock a bit more at that angle.

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English Lads: Dan Fellows

Dan is a sexy young man, tall and defined, with bright blue eyes and blond hair … he pacts quite the impact in person, plus he is quietly confident and naturally flirty. He has a pretty ripped smooth body, hairy legs and a nice long cut cock, and if you are lucky enough to have an English Lads Site Membership you’ll also get to see even more when he turns round and shows off his hairy hole!

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