CockyBoys: Hayden Lourd

From the moment CockyBoys met Hayden Lourd, he was cracking them up with his “live and let live” attitude, raw masculinity and sexual energy. His sexy smile, at one moment innocent and playful, could just as easily tease and seduce before becoming an evil grin that could melt the pants off a lumberjack! In this, his fist ever solo, Hayden wasted no time seducing cameras, with his sexy looks and, of course, his rock hard cut cock!

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ChaosMen: Sykes

Sykes is a hot country boy! You’ll love his accent! He has a slow southern drawl and deep voice that will make you melt. He has also has a hot body, gorgeous blue eyes and a cock that just keeps on going. If you love nervous straight guys doing a porn shoot for the first time, then you will love the authentic feel of this big-dicked Southern boy at ChaosMen!

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ChaosMen: Rich

Rich is super friendly and while staying in Austin for this ChaosMen shoot, he was really surprised by how friendly everyone one was. His attitude really fit in, and after leaving sub-zero temps in his native Minnesota, he was really impressed with not only Southern weather, but southern attitude. Rich spends his free time naturally body-building, and is currently in a bulking phase for a show. He grew his pubes out for a bit for this shoot, and you’ll love his natural body hair.

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