English Lads: Joe Duncan

Joe did a recent shoot for the English Lads sister site, Fit Young Men, and once down to his boxers you may see why he was invited back again to go a stage further! As a Personal Trainer he has a muscular body; bulging where it should and toned where it looks good so when naked you can appreciate his well proportioned body and it probably won’t go unnoticed he has a slightly disproportionate sized uncut cock! He loves to show off his meaty uncut cock, you hardly get to see it soft as he is pumped up in his boxers adrenalin pumping and one hard cock pointing to the sky. Joe shows it all off, hairy hole, pumped muscles, hard cock, foreskin tugging; after all that the most amazing finish!

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English Lads: Perry Junior

Perry is … well … blessed, he maybe lean and slim but he is over built in one department … with one big uncut asset swinging between his long and slender legs! No wonder he is happy to drop his briefs so fast and how big it is soft; just a slight bit of attention and it grows nicely, still pointing down and it must be at least eight inches long! A little bit of teasing and wanking later and judging on how much cum shoots out Perry is looking like one great new English Lads discovery!

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English Lads: Chris Lawrence

Chris is a laid back young man mad about Mixed Martial Arts and shooting his load as often as possible! He loves fucking his girlfriend and when she’s not up for it, he take matters in his own hand and pumps out a good one! Chris is not a shy lad, really laid back about showing off his body and obviously enjoys the attention. Since he likes to pump one out as often as he can, Chris is laid back about allowing the English Lads cameras in to record the event! He is natural tease and when he touches his cock it springs up. Luckily not shy about showing off his hole he pulls his cheeks wide apart and smiles! Enjoy Chris enjoying showing off on camera and squirting out a nice load on his abs.

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English Lads: Chris Little

Chris is best summed up as a naughty straight lad who is just so horny he can’t keep himself in his clothes and in this, his second English Lads shoot, he is supposed to be getting a massage, but he spends more time teasing the guy giving him the massage! Justin does a great job, but even such experienced hands are surprised by the naughty teasy-ness thrown at him by Chris! It all ends with Chris getting a right good fingering, some great ass muscles get worked out in this shoot, from fingers to toys; judging how much flying cum Chris ejects it would seem this lad has just started one naughty adventure which he is going to enjoy every minute of!

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