Bentley Race: David Sweet

It was a freezing cold day when Bentley Race invited 23 year old David Sweet back to his hotel room to model for him. He had only just arrived in Europe and was hugely impressed by the cut guys he was seeing on the streets of Budapest. David does a lot of modelling work, and with such a beautiful face and killer body, you can see why he would be popular. He happily threw on a pair of Speedos and posed for these shots. There are some amazing shots of David showing off that perfectly chiselled chest and tree trunk legs. Before long, David was getting excited and rock hard … like the rest of him, he has a gorgeous cock, and loves to show it off too!

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Sean Cody: Stu

Stu is 19 years old and he’s definitely the epitome of “easy going.” He was a little quiet when he and Sean Cody first met, but within twenty minutes he was talking and laughing like they were old friends. Stu loves to stay active. In fact, he says that he needs to be doing something different all the time. Currently he’s working at a gym. In the summer months he also works as a lifeguard. “ I’ve been a lifeguard since I was 16,” he said. “I love it.” Sean was really pleasantly surprised when Stu got naked for the cameras. He has a super nice, muscular torso, hot hairy legs, and had a really beautiful cock!

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