ChaosMen: Tegan

Tegan is half Syrian, gay, and has always wanted to do porn. In person, he is calm and deliberate … he takes his time before speaking, and never seems rushed. This solo is much the same. After the interview with the ChaosMen cameraman, he sits back down with his soft cock, occasionally nudging it, tugging on it, or tweaking the head. Letting it come to life on its own. If you like watching a cock slowly get hard with the bare minimum of action, then this video is for you.

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English Lads: Wesley Seaton

Wesley is a young man who has one of those young faces … but just check out his body and you’d think he’s be in his mid-20’s! For a lad who has just turned 20 he is a fantastic example of how you can look with the right genes and having played lots of sports for over 10 years. This rugby hunk has lovely round muscles and if you join English Lads you can also see him naked, and you can enjoy his equally impressive uncut cock, which does get really hard, really easy!

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Bentley Race: Jet Wellington

Bentley Race has a really hot straight mate from Sydney. His name is Jet Wellington and he has been very popular since he first appeared on the site Race last year. Jet told Ben that all the gay guys talk of my mates on camera! It’s no wonder I have shot so many scenes with him. As well as being incredibly handsome and abnormally hung, this 23 year old is also a lot of fun to hang out with and recently he and Ben made this little set between shoots. As you can see Jet is no stranger to getting his lovely big long cut cock out for the camera … even outdoors.

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