Bentley Race: Adam El Shawar

Ever since this straight 24 year old first appeared on Bentley Race earlier this year, all of Ben’s gay mates have been asking about doing a shoot with him! This shoot was filmed towards the end of last summer and it was still plenty warm enough to be naked outside. Adam, being soccer player, didn’t mind getting dressed up into his full kit and showing off a few of his tricks before stripping naked and showing off his defined body and delicious uncut cock!

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Dominic Ford: Alex Green

This is another amazing first for Dominic Ford. This is gay porn’s very first scene shot in 360° Virtual Reality. What does that mean? It means that with a 360° player, you can look around the entire room, and focus in on any part of Alex Green’s body that you want. Want to see his face? Look up at it … want to look lower and enjoy his huge uncut cock? Look down. Want to see the rest of the room? Turn around. This stunning technology will make you feel like you are in the room.

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SpunkWorthy: Garrett

Garrett is 19yo and recently found himself in So Cal after being released from military service. It was just the chance he seemed to want to get out and explore some new adventures. He’s dabbled in nude modelling; still photos, underwear – that sort of stuff – and today is about to try out gay porn with SpunkWorthy! Even tho it was his first time totally naked and hard on camera, he was relaxed and even seemed to enjoy the attention. He’s got a ripped body, amazing abs, sexy hairy legs and a nice looking cut cock that is well above-average in so many ways!

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