COLT Studio Group: Jevon Burton

An interior painter by trade, Jevon Burton works all day with his hands … and his hands are very skilled indeed. Taking a look out the windows at his current work site, Jevon sees something that soon has his pants bulging at the seams. Unleashing his beast-sized uncut cock, Jevon strokes his throbbing manhood for the COLT Studio Group cameras and you can watch in awe as his face fill with pleasure as he looks down on his prized piece of man-meat.

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Sean Cody: Brennan

Brennan is actually good friends with one of the most popular models over at Sean Cody, so naturally they had been chatting and he was interested too and contacted them. Brennan told the film crew that … “He said it was a good time and that I would be a good fit, so I figured why the hell not?” “Do you think that maybe you would do more than a solo?” they asked. “Let’s take it one day at time here.” He started to laugh. Brennan is a great guy with an even greater body. He just recently got into body building shows and really loves all of the attention. “I get a lot of compliments on my abs. It really helps with the ego, you know.”

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