Bentley Race: Blake Davis

Earlier this year 22 year old straight mate Blake Davis featured on Bentley Race. Recently Ben was back on vacation in Chicago and organised Blake to join him for a new shoot. When Blake turned up for this shoot he was even more nervous than the first time they had met. Blake was really worried about how he would go getting nude in front of the camera, and in front of a gay man taking the photos! Of course the nerves soon went away once he was completely naked and soaking himself in the hot shower … eventually Blake was flexing and posing like a pro!

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ChaosMen: Aiden

Wow! What a big cock Aidan has! A full nine inches of cut meaty manly goodness! Aidan just turned 19 and had been debating about doing some adult work. He’s mostly into women, but has messed around with a few guys too, and ended up deciding to try out with ChaosMen for his porn debut. Aren’t we lucky … you can check him out below!

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SpunkWorthy: Jake

Jake is 25yo, straight, 6ft 2in tall, 210lbs and an outdoorsy type of guy, and he told the SpunkWorthy cameraman that doing porn is something he’d been thinking about for a while. He had been hitting the gym prior to this shoot and was going through a bulking phase … nice n’ thick for any fans of the bigger dudes. And hairy, with a nice big cut cock too!

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