Miami Boyz: Victor

So Miami Boyz knew that Victor was str8, but they still wanted to ask him if he has ever done anything with another guy … and the answer was hotter than they expected! … “Well, you know … once, when I was younger … this guy offered me $20 bucks to suck my dick … I was at the mall and this guy, who was like 50, told me that he would give me money to suck my dick … ok, so I am straight right, BUT to a horny kid $20 bucks is a lot of money you know … I mean, I didn’t have a job or any thing … and I didn’t have a girlfriend, so I was jacking off like all the time … so I thought what the fuck!” … “We went into this Men’s Room in this department store and he went right for my dick … I had got blow jobs from girls before, but this dude could take my cock all the way down his fuckin’ throat, and it felt so fuckin’ good! It only took like a minute before I was ready to bust my nut … I told him I was gonna cum and I thought he would stop sucking, but the dude sucked even faster … so I bust my nut in his mouth! I was really surprised that he liked it and even swallowed my shit!” … ah, str8 lads, they really have no idea how the world works!

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TX College Boys: Skyler

Before today, Skyler had never been naked on camera before, but he was definitely not shy. In addition to being hot as fuck, the TX College Boys cameraman found Skyler to be a lot of fun to hang around. He talked about college and all the positions he likes to fuck his girlfriend in. They decided to forego an introduction this time and just have him walk into the room and sit down to some porn on the computer. He strips down to his boxers and rubs his cock a little through them. In no time, though, he was completely naked and lubing up his cock. He spread his teen legs and softly moaned while he rubbed his hole. He laid back a little more and really showed off his fuck hole. “Like my arse huh?” he asked? … cheeky guy!

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ChaosMen: Roy

Roy is 6ft 1in tall and 210 pounds and built like a star quarterback. He works in security, and according to ChaosMen, the dude just oozes “presence”. He is straight, likes to get rough, but not TOO rough, with the ladies, and has no interest in fucking them in the arse. Typical of a gym dude, he is normally all shaved up, but he did let his pubes grow out a bit before this shoot. He plays to the camera well, and gives us his trademark eyebrow raise now and then. His cock is ample and these images show it off nicely.

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